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We have 8+ years of experience with professional Automobile photo editing service!

We are a sister concern of fixipixi. Our team has 8+ years of experience in photo editing. Our retouching service is affordable and best quality.

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Our in-house retoucher has years of experience in photo editing. So we can provide the best service.


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Since 2015 we have created an experience team of photo retouching!

Pixtech is a sister concern of FixiPixi ( A well-known photo editing company in Canada ). We have an expert team who can able to provide the top-notch photo retouching service within your budget. Our main focus is customer satisfaction.

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Our expert retoucher has depth knowledge of photo retouching service and each retoucher has experience with different types of retouching! 

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Car Photo Retouching

When you modify the image of the vehicle, it creates a better appearance through its vibrant and eye-catching look. If you choose the car photo retouching service your vehicle’s photos will be amazing and have a great look.

The has experts in this field who are experienced to ensure the car’s photograph gets a complete retouch. The experts usually do some modifications to the color tone such as improving the brightness. The car frames improve the car’s appearance. Always choose this service.

Make your photo more attracttive!

Car photo background remove

It is good to remove the photo of the car’s background to have a fair look. On some occasions you can not be interested with your car photo background. This is sometimes you might want to have a clear background or you want a more amazing appearance.

Sometimes you can remove the background and replace non and that is the reason why professional experts have the ability to replace the background.  The experts are highly skilled and professional to help do the requirements needed.

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Motor parts editing

Improving the smoothness of the picture you take and making it look amazing helps to show the best impression on the business and improve business. Increasing the brightness and doing a few modifications help the motor parts to be looking good.

More so doing a shadow effect on the photos to be more interesting is one great step. It is good to improve your market sales and compete with other better-doing businesses.  Choose this service to help your auto parts look amazing creating a happy fan base.

retouch your product photo and increase sell

Automobile photo shadow improves

A well-edited photo can bring a huge fan base resulting in higher sales compared to a normal photo without edits. If you want to make the car photo real and amazing use the shadows to help you as it plays an important aspect in making your photos work comprehensively.

A shadow for your vehicle is good and the photo editor helps to bring amazing features. Remember the shadows are in different ways and so you don’t have to worry. The photo editing experts help you to bring the expected results you need.


Car photo clipping path

The car photo clipping path service is used to remove the image background from images or change them. Using the top-notch edge you can cut off the picture from the background of the image. With the help of photoshop in the clipping path service, helps your image to be clear, add some modifications and the rightful selection for the photo.

The clipping tool helps to build a clipping path design in photo editing. The tool is compelling and it should create a clipping path.


Drone photo editing

Aerial views are given of a certain area be it cities or landscapes. The upcoming of drones helps to create the advantage to take photos above ground. Recently the image drones have drastically increased in quality.

There are numerous ways to improve the appearance of the pictures taken with the drone. However, some issues are caused by the settings don on the camera with other side factors. RAW shooting, Bracket photos, size of the image, Manual shoot and filters use to improve the photo appearance.

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Automobile photo enhancement

Modification of images has now been the great thing have been talking about today to improve the market sector. The picture of the spare parts and the vehicles are now having amazing looks. Higher-looking images help the vehicle organization to improve their dealership and so the demand for the services is high.

In the process checking the images of the vehicles, so improving the image appearance. Enhancements help the picture to have a refined look hence modifying the expected objectives.

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Auto dealer photo edit services

As a dealer and you want to run a vehicle dealership that means the whole business comprises indulging photos of the vehicles you are selling and waiting for them to come and buy. Just know that potential buyers come to your brand if the images they see are eye-catching.

It is not required for you to lose some of the possible buyers just because you have provided blurry images. Our team has experts who are experienced in this field and are capable to produce required results that you can post online.

clipping images and use in anywhere

Motorcycle photo editing

Motorcycle photo editing service helps your photo to have a good look and create a huge market base for many people. It helps to bring the motorcycle into competition with other best working brands. Choose the following service to help your market expansion.

If you have a well-edited motorcycle image that will invite most of the clients to your brand then when you make affordable prices then it is a sure deal you will have happy clients on your company.

Process of Building

Why pixtech is best for car photo editing

Pixtech is the best car photo editing company in recent years. Nowadays car photo editing has become interesting and fun. However, if the editing is not addressed carefully it can be confusing and tiresome. Pixtech company enables lots of ways of developing top-notch images of cars.

Pixtech helps you the lighting car photo. It has lots of ideas for the best car features and it has grown deep to identify and address all issues that happen. Visit pixtech to get the best services. Spend less and get more.

we are working with design
A well details car photo you bring more customers

A well-detailed car is essential for bringing in customers and making a sale. It is important to take the time to clean the car inside and out so that it looks its best. 

We create several types of photo retouching that fit your business or product