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From clipping path to high-end retouching our images editor team is highly skilled with any type of photo editing. 

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We have depth experience on any typs of editing service. Send us the images with instruction and see the result.


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We have 7+ years of experience with high end photo retouching.

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Why batch photo editing is essential?

Batch photo editing helps the users to do the needed task, edit, or add modifications to the provided photos. Our photo editing service saves time and the editor’s workload is light because we do retouch or modify the images as a group.

More so, batch editing is the best service to fasten the editing time as this results in you making work simple. Productivity is highly valued because of the easiness and quick service from the features when making edits to a large group of photos.

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Bulk photo editing

On different occasions, the most disgusting part of photography is the way photo editing can be sluggish sometimes when importing a big number of photos. The presence of Pixtech helps clients to do bulk editing images at once.

Pixtech and FixiPixi help editors to save time and do a huge amount of tasks per period by making a few edits for a thousand images. 

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Batch ecommerce photo editing service

Batch eCommerce photo editing service helps to build the customer’s first impression of your brand and its name. Hence, eCommerce photo editing service plays an important role in a good number of marketing online.

Our expert photo retoucher helps to increase your e-commerce photo enhancement. E-commerce comprises of health and wellness, electronics, apparel, footwear, and housewares. It is good to try and use it.


Batch photo clipping path

The clipping path refers to the vector path that displays a specific object. When the clipping path is done, a pen tool is used to draw a section. This helps to eliminate the subject from an undesired background. Photo editing work like background removal, image masking, color correction, photo retouching and Ghost mannequin.

Clipping path helps brands such as Ad farms, printing companies, publishing agencies and photographers for a better appearance. The creative team does its work perfectly in case you doubt get a free trial and rate the work.


Batch photo retouching

As we all know in every photo you take some defects can be seen. Most of the time the issues can’t be seen by naked eyes but a highly advanced camera it acknowledges that. Naked eyes can see the raptures if the pictures are zoomed in. 

Batch photo retouching services help to remove the effects such as unwanted spots and raptures hence helping to run in the beauty competition race. Choosing this service helps you to get the best photo for your family, friends, and memorable occasions.

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Batch images background remove

The background is an essential asset in a photograph and to ensure your photo comes clean you have to make it clear. When you have a clear background helps your photo to be fantastic. If you are doing a business online and you want your products to appear well then changing the background will help sell your products.

Most online sites do not acknowledge photos that have the background in them. You cant upload. The experts ensure you get the best that matches your needs.

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Batch portrait photo editing

Batch portrait photo editing services are good for any business owner who wants to sell his products online. However, to bring clients to buy your products, you must have better images for your products. Photographers through photo editing services help editors produce perfect images.

The service is mostly based mostly on the model and to make sure the image is clear. The combination of the model and the product has led to beauty and greater appearance. Choose this service to get high quality in a shorter period.

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Batch photo enhancement service

Batch photo enhancement service helps images to appear professional thus improving the company’s features and meeting the client’s expectations. Remember a well-edited image helps to bring a large fan base which results in the brand having many customers and buyers.

The service does all the image modification for all the commercial and private images. Well-edited and good appearance photos help to improve the value of the brand bringing more people to buy your goods. Choose this service to help you get the best services for your products.

we retouch your dance and sports photo

Batch images post production service

When you working with the off-shore batch photo post-production services ask for help and get the best services. The service comprises all of the post-production tasks. Well-edited images help your brand to be competitive and be on the list with other best brands.

You can improve the image quality and help the sell on. Always choose this service to allow get the best out of it. The team has qualified experts who have years of experience in this field.

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Batch images cleaning service

When you boldly choose outsourcing batch photo editing service always expect the best results possible. Batch images cleaning service helps to clean the blurred images and make them clear for a greater appearance. The team has a group of experts who help to modify several pictures to have a proficient look.

The image cleaning service helps to improve the brightness and smoothness of the picture. Choose this service to help you attract customers and improve your brand thus improving your sales.

we retouch your dance and sports photo

Batch images shadow optimize service

The great appearance of the images with the correct exposure, shadow and other key features helps to perfect sales in a company. You have to ensure the products you give should be exciting. Allow your customers to be more passionate about your products and services.

Using the editing tools the team has helps your photos to be well edited and reached your expectation. I refer you to this service to make your customers be blown by the kind of quality you produce.

Process of Building

Why you should outsource the photo editing service

Batch photo editing is basically good for a  brand that requires most of the images to be efficiently edited within the expected period. The presence of professional editors helps to handle a huge number of images producing quality work according to the customer requirements and making them happy.The experts have years of experience as they have completed most of the photo retouching services. Different clients have various taste and the team of experts ensure they reach the expectation of the customers. The presence of free revisions and re-editing photos is there in case the clients are not contented with what is produced. A free trial for new clients is available which helps them to know their editing requirements.

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An attractive product photo helps you bring more customers

Using a quality product photo, customers are more likely to make a purchase.

We have edited almost 100,000 product images.

Our photo editor and designer have 7+ industry-leading experience in product photo editing. 

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New Clients
images is a details explanation of your customer

A well-detailed photo allows you to present creativity to people and customers!

An image can be the best way to show off a photographer’s work or to show off your new product. It’s can be used as marketing material to attract customers.

Software & Tech that we use

Our photo editor and designer are used up to day adobe software to retouch images. We have used the latest photoshop 2022 version to ensure the best output.

Our company does not use any crack software, we have a pro adobe license.

In the modern era, no one can read the product description. Customers buy products to see the product picture. So if your picture is a quality full it helps to increase more sales.

Adobe Photoshop

Most of the time we have used adobe photoshop

Latest and updated software help to retouch images.

Why you should choose pixtech?

Attract your clients attention with attractive images!

Best Support

We are available 24/7. So you will not wait anymore to receive your quote.

Experience Retoucher

Our retoucher has years of experience in professional photo retouch.

Fast Turnaround

We will offer 1 hour first turnaround for our exclusive clients. 

Increase profit

Quality photos help you to increase your online store sales, Whatever you are a new or old businessman. If you have used quality photos it should impact your marketing campaign. 

Your Identy

Your photos are your product identy. Our retouchers are highly experienced to work with any type of photo editing. 

Reach your target audience

how a good photo helps to your customer?

A good photo can make or break an ecommerce product page. The right photo will help customers see the value in your product and make them more likely to purchase it. The wrong photo will turn customers away and may even damage your brand.

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting or editing photos for your ecommerce product pages. First, the image should be clear and in focus. Second, it should be sized correctly so that it doesn’t appear stretched or pixelated on the page. Third, the photo should accurately represent the product. And finally, the image should be appealing and visually interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our starting price is 0.39$/image.

Yes, we provide all types of photo editing services. 

Most of the time we accept Payoneer, Credit Card, PayPal, western union. 

Yes, we offer up to 50% discount for bath photo editing.