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We provide the best photo editing service in Berlin, Germany.

From clipping path to high-end retouching our photo editor team are highly skilled with any type of photo editing. 

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We have depth experience on any typs of editing service. Send us the images with instruction and see the result.


If you compare our price to other retouching provider then you will understand how affordable we are!

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We have 7+ years of experience with high end photo retouching.

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Why clipping path is special?

You must create a natural and original image in product photography. Here is where you need the clipping path services. The clipping path is special because it allows you to remove or change the background of the object from the image. White background enthusiasts prefer the clipping path for online and offline promoting and marketing.

Moreover, the clipping path is special because it shows subjects in multiple discourse settings. Through this, you can feature new backgrounds to create an image’s scene. Even if you are intending to do one image or you have a lot of them, you can use the clipping path and its applicability to create multiple eventualities.

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We can help you explore all the available creative options; Should you not be sure about the services you need. Our team of professionals will find the best set of services, which will make your images outstanding to meet your business objectives. Choose us anytime you need the services and you won’t regret it. Here are the services that we offer to our clients.

Clipping and use it any where

Clipping Path

Talking about clipping path services, we at best clipping path and photo editing company are the best in Germany. Once you choose us, you are sure that we will deliver impressive and high-quality images that will meet your requirements. Our team of clipping path experts is creative and uses advanced technologies to work on your images.  

We are always ready if you need a partner that you can trust for specialized photo clipping path services, our prices are pocket friendly. Choose us whether you are an e-commerce company, a real estate company, a fashion designer, and many more.

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Photo Retouching

At a professional image editing company, we are also not left behind when it comes to photo retouching. We help our clients to transform their photos using our advanced photo editing software. Our team of professional artists employs different photo retouching techniques to make images look appealing. We ensure that your photo quality is good but still without any data loss.

Feel free to choose us anytime because we assure you of professional photo retouching services at extremely pocket-friendly prices and fast turnaround times. With the addition of our creativities and cutting-edge technology, we deliver results that exceed your expectations.                                   

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We ensure that your customers get a professional overview of your products. Whether you are selling them on Amazon or eBay, we provide you with detailed product views.

Our team of professionals responsible for eCommerce photo editing ensures that you get an exceptional product. They artistically enhance your product images and turn them into clean, high-resolution photos, which attract customers and trigger them to click the “buy” button.


Real Estate Editing

The real estate business has become more lucrative and is attracting a lot of investors. That is why you need high-quality photos that are visually engaging to make your property appealing and attractive. Pixtech can edit your raw images to make them impressive to prospective buyers or real estate agents.

Our skilled real estate photo editing experts ensure they transform your simple images into something that catches the attention of prospective buyers.

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Sports &Dance Photo Editing

Pixtech is an expert sports and dance photo editing service provider, that is passionate and competent in manipulating images to fit your expectations. We also emphasize the speed and quality of delivery so that we don’t disappoint our clients.

We are the best sports and dance photo editing service provider, our professionals have mastered photo retouching, color balance adjustments, image sharpening, image masking, contrast balance, and many more. We always meet deadlines and our services are of great quality enough to satisfy customers.

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Wedding Photo Editing

We deliver the most affordable wedding photo editing services compared to others. We are dedicated and our services target individuals or enterprises that are looking for the best quality images at competitive prices. Once you outsource your wedding photo retouching services to us, you save time, labor, and money. 

We ensure that you get unique presentations of wedding events. This creates a lifetime memory for the end customers. Our team of professionals has solutions for image editing services such as object removal, light enhancement, retouching, image clipping, and many more.

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Why We Are the Best Clipping Path Company in Germany

There are very many things that make us the best clipping path company in Germany. Having worked for many clients, we have gained a lot of trust from our clients and our reputation is good. We are always consistent in our work to ensure that your organization meets your client’s deadlines.

Another thing that makes us stand out from the rest is that we use modern software for clipping the images and putting them to the required backgrounds. We also make the fast transfer of our images from one client to another. Our clipping path company is best because of its fast turnaround time of delivery.


good product images

All over Germany, our company has worked out its reputation. We have 100% customer satisfaction and their feedback has contributed immensely to our reputation. Most clients confess that we offer professional services without failure.

Our team of professionals produces high-quality images, which makes customers come back for more always. You can prove that by checking after and before images from the SEC 2F company. We have specialized skills and an outstanding working methodology.

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Another thing that makes us the best in Germany is that we use editing techniques that make our work look natural. Our images always have smooth edges and our experts use automatic clipping path tools to ensure that they produce eye-catching images. In addition, most clients like our services because we offer services at an affordable price as compared to other clipping path service providers.

Lastly, our clipping path company is conscious that communication is a top contributor to successful outsourcing. We have great customer care services who respond to your inquiries immediately. All the concerns raised by our clients have never gone unattended and are taken seriously by our team. Feel free to bring any complaints about our services or any inquiry and you will be answered promptly.

In the modern era, no one can read the product description. Customers buy products to see the product picture. So if your picture is a quality full it helps to increase more sales.

Adobe Photoshop

Most of the time we have used adobe photoshop

Latest and updated software help to retouch images.

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We are available 24/7. So you will not wait anymore to receive your quote.

Experience Retoucher

Our retoucher has years of experience in professional photo retouch.

Fast Turnaround

We will offer 1 hour first turnaround for our exclusive clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our starting price is 0.49$/image.

We a professional photo retouching company, we are a sister concern of FixiPixi ( A well-known photo editing service in Canada ). But we provide GEO location-based service. 

Yes, we provide all types of photo editing services. 

Most of the time we accept Payoneer, Credit Card, PayPal, western union. 

Yes, we offer up to 50% discount for our exclusive customers.