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How to shoot and edit images for Amazon

Amazon is an online platform that sells quality products all over the world. With Amazon, you need to produce quality photos of the products you are selling so that you attract your customers. Remember, the quality of an image is an essential feature in marketing your products to new customers. You must follow some steps when taking and editing the photos for Amazon. First, you need to be a good photographer and know all the skills required, then get the necessary tools for editing to correct some errors.

Therefore, check the guide below to get the steps you need to follow for taking pictures if you are unsure of the tips and how to edit them. Later are the frequently asked questions and conclusions.

How to shoot and edit images for Amazon

The question rises mostly for individuals who want to sell their products on Amazon but do not have quality photos such that their competitors sell more than them. The guide covers all the required steps for you, either as a learner or not. Check the steps below:

amazon photo retouching


  • Gather all the requirements needed for shooting and editing

Before starting the shooting and editing process, please get to know your requirements and gather them at the photography place. Inquire from photography friends about all the requirements you need to have. The requirements you need to ensure are in place include:

  • A pure white background that is large enough to cover the whole image
  • The proper formatting tools for the editing process
  • Ensure you follow the correct pixel size with both height and width
  • Stands to hold the white background that supports the background from falling.
  • Artificial lights since sometimes natural light is not enough for shooting.
  • Softbox works by distributing the light produced using alternative sources to all parts that the image covers to provide enough light
  • .
  • The light stand supports the artificial lights when shooting, so you cannot handle the light.

Collect all the requirements since you know what you need to have to start the shooting process. Ensure that the tools work perfectly to avoid minor errors during the session; for example, the images do not get enough light to produce quality pictures.

  • Organize the starting tools for shooting.

With indoor shoots, choose to use a shooting table that you will get a good white background for the photography. Therefore, organize and put everything in place for the shooting to start. In some scenarios, it is advisable to use a table to set everything and fix the white background for shooting.

  • Prepare the image to shoot.

After organizing the place, you will use for shooting, choose to prepare the image by maybe cleaning it if it has any dust so you can get a clear picture of it. Consider using a brush rub dust if the item to shoot is dirty, or wipe it with a clean cloth. Remember, only editing cannot remove dirty particles on your shooting item.

  • Prepare the camera for shooting.

Preparing the camera involves setting it to the correct angle for shooting and ensuring the settings are in the right place. Check the tips below when carrying out the step above:

  1. Ensure the camera is manual to adjust the changes that are required.
  2. Change the shutter speed, aperture, image noise, and flashlight to the required level since higher or lower levels destroy the image display.
  3. Test the camera when adjusting the changes until you find one that is right or best for the image.
  • Fix the light for the item you are shooting.

After setting the camera, fix your light and start the shooting after testing for a while. Light is necessary during photography; in case of any error, the image will have issues beyond editing. Therefore, ensure it lightly covers all the image areas for easy shooting.

Please choose the best angle to use for shooting so that it can balance with the light. Take good photos of the item you are shooting before preparing for editing.

  • Choose the best editing program.

After taking the pictures, you are now good to start editing them before selling the image on Amazon. Therefore, you need to choose the best editing program since there exist many editing programs that everyone chooses what fits them. The editing programs’ services are almost identical since they photo retouch, correct the image’s color, change the light, and other services.

  • Start the editing process.

With editing an image, you need to get to the image with either of the programs you decided to use and change the effects you can quickly see reduces the quality of the image. Change the colors of the image to blend its background and appeal to the customers. Try and correct all errors with the image until you achieve your goal. After editing, you are now good to post your images to Amazon to market your products.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the editing services that you should do for an image?

The most common services you should carry out when editing an image are: removing excess light from the image, changing the color with errors, editing the image’s background, and many other activities.

  1. What are the most common programs to use for editing?

The most common products to use for editing are Lightroom and Photoshop.


Getting your items to sell without the skills to shoot them and edit for Amazon creates worry for the owners since they do not know what to do. However, I have provided you with clear steps of the first shooting and then editing at the end that can quickly help. Check on the guide to get the steps to follow.

Always remember to focus on the instructions of the image to post from Amazon since there are some requirements the image should have. After getting everything right, you can shoot, edit and post your image for Amazon. The guide is helpful to anyone, even if you are a beginner.


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