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Why photo retouching is essential?

Photo retouching is good for adding beauty and appearance to the image. Besides getting quality photos these are some of the main photo retouching importance:

Quality photo sells – A good number of customers claim that the appearance of an image is highly-valued.

Building a good name – Using professional images evaluated by your customers enhances credibility and support for your brand.

Distinguish yourself from the competition –  Photo retouching is essential to create an authentic style of the display content of your company.

Website marketing – For a new website require lots of unique images, this service makes your images more professional.

Printed products – If you want to print out your photo your should choose a professional retouching service. 

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General Retouching

General retouching consists of removing all the available imperfections from an image, which includes color, blemishes, tone correction, under-eye circles elimination, and brightness modification, contrast, and saturation.

Besides the photo retouching procedure, in several scenarios airbrushing is practiced, which implies eliminating several elements from the background and adding new elements that were not present in the image. General retouching takes a few minutes for each photo and is typical of high resolution. The experts add simple effects that enable the image to be in your own artistic mode.

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Clipping Path

Clipping path is basically the process of removing the image background and adding a preferred white background instead of a photo.

The clipping path enables you to build a shape and crop a section of the photo using the Pen Tool. This method is the best for eliminating background from a photo. Furthermore, you can utilize the Clipping path to cut out a section of a photo or add adjustments to a small section of the image. In case you want to eliminate the background from a photo then use the clipping path method because it will help you to have a better-looking edge.


Product Photo

Product photos are used on social platforms and websites to help improve product sales. Product photo is also called commercial photography, the photos presented are used to make customers enticed to buy the photographed products.

They consist of the details and composition, contents given in a written copy, and description. The main core value is to make buyers have a total impression of the product.
Using a general term, product photography consists of rendering, which is mostly 3D graphics that appear as a real photo. In case you are very strict on the definition, rendering has no effect and the images taken from a real camera consisting of a real object are taken as product photography.


Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequins are generally mannequins that consist of removable pieces when you are using photographed clothes without any disturbance on showcase clothing.

On many occasions, invisible mannequin photos are created from only two other images, but on several occasions using more is applicable. It is affected by the shape and cropping capability of your product. Even the details used by the model in the on-body shot photo also count. For some products like bracelets and watches, the mannequin is not used, however, you need to use both images to get rid of props and improve the editing.

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Real Estate HDR Editing

Taking a photo of several buildings, hotels, interiors, and real-estate properties, ensure to use this real estate service. The service is mainly used by real estate agents who acknowledge that best-edited images increase sales.

When you are on the field and taking images without using a tripod, it is more likely that you will not have straight lines on the image. But, this problem can troubleshoot the process of post-processing. The experts always ensure the photos appear as if they were taken from a well-working high-definition camera. More so, HDR is provided in the editing service and enhancements on sharpness, window editing, and elimination of tiny particles.

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The editor corrects the dust by removing it. They do it by polishing each and every edge of the image and ensuring they are best for printing and online stores.

The experts change the background to a more best option. Mannequin elimination is also practiced to make the jewels in the limelight. Correcting the color or changing to different colors s practiced in photos with insufficient lighting. The need to correct the visible issues enables the image to have good coloring, shadows, and brightness

retouch your colorfull memory


In case you ask for this service, the editors will a bit change the appearance features with ensuring they look real. They base on the lips and eyes, modifying the nose, adding highlights, and ensuring the forehead appears small, modifying cheekbones, eliminating minor defects.

After following the following key areas you will get a well-edited portrait with no issues with lighting and imperfections. The service enables you to base on the eyes and lips, eliminate black circles below the eyes, and eliminate wrinkles and imperfections. The experts do not mostly use bright colors to edit and unfavorable shadows as they make sure the portrait appears real. The portrait service is in high demand in business sectors, models, and portrait photo editors.

Process of Building

Identify your product through a professional images

Introducing texture in the background of the image are shown by the above images which use wood grains in different ways.

Even though the image is photographed against a white background, the shoot was at an angle that shows the brand’s personality.

Everything is not about the beauty of the marble. Even if it is a subtle placement of lush leaves, an array of hues across a product line or bold background, color can also convey luxury.

good product images
An attractive product photo helps you bring more customers

Using a quality product photo, customers are more likely to make a purchase.

We have edited almost 100,000 product images.

Our photo editor and designer have 7+ industry-leading experience in product photo editing. 

Why you should choose pixtech?

How a good photo helps to your customer?

Photo effect

Images helps your customers to understand what you offer that telling them.

Your images represent your brand

Images on the website mostly affect at huge when new customers are first visiting your site.

Visitors want to know you

The reason people visit your business is to know what you offer and how you offer them and the favorite way for customers to understand your business is by showing your real images.

 Easily found

Optimized images can result to your website to be found easily and greater performance in the overall search results.

 Professional photos are powerful

Online images can lead to your website being more engaging. Same images can build your brand on social platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

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