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We have 8+ years of experience with professional photo retouching service

We are a sister concern of fixipixi. Our team have 8+ years of experience in photo editing. Our retouching service is affordable and best quality.

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Our in-house retoucher has years of experience in photo editing. So we can provide the best service.


Don't worry about the cost. You will never be disappointed with it. We always take care of our client budget.

Pixtech guarantees clients never overspend on our retouching services. We work on all types of images, from basic retouch to super complex. Our expert team can do it easily.

Quality products over a short period of time

Retouching photos is the most effective part for photographers in our today’s lives. Modifying a photo needs some accuracy and effectiveness and that’s the reason why many customers require highly skilled experts.

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Pixtech accomplishes the work specified by the customer by retouching services within a shorter time and producing highly qualified products.

We belive in the best quality!

Why you should choose pixtech?

Pixtech is the best and most trusted cheap photo retouching organization online that deals with photo editing services over the years. What you have to do is upload your photos, specify your needs, and we will take care of the remaining task.

To place an order or inquire about details about our services sign in. That takes a few seconds to be a customer, attach several unedited photos and specify your instructions then click submit.Within a short time, our team will have your desired results.

Quality products over a short period of time

For sure there are many photo editing and photo retouching sites out there. As a customer don’t get confused and pressured. The only solution to this issue is to match your attention to pixtech.

What you have to do is sign in specify and submit the preferences that suit you. Our team will ensure they produce the high-quality product that best you were looking for.

Meet our Founder

Since 2015 we have created an experience team of photo retouching!

Pixtech is a sister concern of FixiPixi ( A well-known photo editing company in Canada ). We have an expert team who can able to provide the top-notch photo retouching service within your budget. Our main focus is customer satisfaction.

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Our expert retoucher has depth knowledge of photo retouching service and each retoucher has experience with different types of retouching! 

Make your photo more attracttive!

Photo Retouching

At Pixtech we know how important it is when you have the best photos. Our staff has the expertise that helps them remove acne, blemishes, spots, pimples, and other things cheaply. We can help you remove all the physical defects on the skin of a model. 

Whenever you need photo retouching services, contact us and you will be assisted by our friendly team, to set up a meeting and provide the services. Our photo retouching services are outstanding because they improve the quality of your image, thanks to our longtime experience.

clipping images and use in anywhere

Clipping Path

We also offer clipping path services which is an effective background removal method. We use the clipping path technique to remove objects from the image background to get compelling product photos that can increase your sales.


Pixtech photo editing team is well equipped with the expertise to work on both simple and complex clipping path services. Our clipping path services are perfect for transfer to transparent or other backgrounds, setting images to a new background, background removal, and many more.

make your clothing photo perfect

Ghost Mannequin

Our team of experts uses the transparent mannequin effect to comb the inner and front parts, which will be used later. Cloth manipulation and clipping path help us to combine the inner and front parts. We then remove the background to make the touch-up process easier and make the inner parts frosty. 


We subject e-commerce product photos as well as garments to our unique ghost mannequin effect. This effect ensures that you do away with the need for a human model that is meant to display your products. 

retouch your product photo and increase sell

Product Photo

We provide excellent product photo editing services that include retouching, cropping, and resizing different e-commerce products. We also offer product photo editing services that include, retouching, background removal, clipping path, and color correction. What we simply do in product photo editing is alignment, crop images, adjust, and retouch your products. 


Ensure you settle for the Pixtech photo editing company because we help you to improve your e-commerce experience through our unique services. We will edit your photos from raw images to the final photo.


Real Estate

At Pixtech we also help you in retouching property and real estate photos. We offer top-quality services with a very fast turnaround. Once we get your raw files, we will respond quickly by sending you the best quality property images on the market.


Our experts offer customized interior image retouching according to your style and requirements. Our team of professionals ensures that there is consistency and that the end product is of top quality. We can edit both the residential and commercial properties, therefore you should choose us anytime.


Background Removal

Our professionals will also assist you to quickly changing and removing the background of your images. Even if it is a family photo, graduation image, or portrait, we can remove the backgrounds. Our clipping path services enable us to remove any of your backgrounds accurately. 


Consequently, we are also the best in these services because we offer them affordable services but the quality of images is still outstanding. Outsource your images to us and you will get the best quality images with a quick turnaround.

retouch your colorfull memory

Weeding Photo

We provide wedding photo retouching services that include exposure, adjustment, cropping, selection, white balance straightening, and image resizing. We apply presets and retouch your photos by removing spots, blemishes, stray air, and many more. Outsource your wedding images to us and you will get the advantages through our vast experience in the industry.

Moreover, our team of experts can customize your color or presets instantly. We have dealt with several wedding photographers across the globe and our services have been outstanding. 

we retouch your dance and sports photo

Sports and Dance

At Pixtech, we also offer expert sports and dance photo retouching services. We can passionately manipulate your images to suit your requirements. Our team of experts ensures that you get quality photos at a very fast speed. 

We have a vast experience in this industry, and our experts can work on services like color balance adjustments, photo retouching, image sharpening, contrast balance, and image masking among others. Our services are also friendly to our clients because we offer them a pocket-friendly price. Book us now and get top-quality services.

make 10x looks better in your portrait photo

Portrait Retouching

We at Pixtech photo editing company are passionate about our work and we offer you professional portrait retouching services. Our cutting-edge technologies and Belding creativities enable us to offer end-to-end portrait retouching solutions. we use different techniques such as spot removing, dark circles erasing, skin smoothing, etc.

Our services are the best because we boast the most reasonable rates and an extremely quick turnaround. You can trust us especially during off days or holidays because we are dedicated to delivering the projects on time or before time.

give the perfect color

Jewelry Retouching

At Pixtech, we will help you bring your jewelry photos to life even if they were photographed in bad conditions or the gear used was bad. Our services give your photos the beauty and uniqueness that each jewelry has. 

We use our high-end jewelry retouching services for e-commerce to make your photos attract your target audience and entice them. We can make your jewelry photos utterly breathtaking courtesy of our jewelry photo retouching services. Your photos will still be as realistic as possible.