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We have 5+ years of experience with real estate image editing.

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Why you should choose us?

Our team of experts uses the most advanced image editing software as well as technology to offer unique services in a very short time. Adobe and other modern software are key in our operations. You will save a lot once you choose to work with our photo editing company.

Another thing that makes us favorites by many clients is the presence of passionate image editing experts. Our team has a lot of experience and expertise in real estate photo editing and is well versed with the latest technology. Give us the job and you will get a high-quality end product that will keep your business growing. Other things include the low cost and quick turnaround.

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At Pixtech, we offer multiple real estate photo retouching services to all our clients. Our services include

Real Estate Photo Retouching

We offer exceptional real estate photo retouching services, thanks to our experienced real estate image editing experts. The process is like that of any other image.

We start with you bringing your raw images that capture the scene, then our experts will use photoshop software to manipulate and edit your images. We will then organize and crop them on various layers after which we will apply filters and do the finishing. Try our services anytime and you will never regret your choice.

HDR Photo Editing

At Pixtech, you will find the best HDR photo editing services. Our team of experts applies high dynamic range settings to your images to bring about balanced contrast and rich colors to your photos. Once you provide us with your rental suites, we will manipulate your images on various exposures to ensure that when blending you get a vivid shot.

Our blending and HDR editing methods ensure that your real estate images can produce a realistic and natural image rather than an oversaturated one. We dedicate enough time to our experts to pay much attention to your images and the due process. Our HDR editing service can also be used to color correct real estate interior photographs, where poor lighting conditions can be overcome by our efficient manual techniques.

Add or remove an object

The removal of the background of an image is common to many photographers who want to make their image stand out. Where the problem lies is, when you find unwanted objects in the background. That is where our object removal and addition Service comes in.

At Pixtech, we can help you remove unwanted objects thanks to Photoshop which helps us to remove objects from a photo. In case there are objects like cars, buildings, people, and anything else that you will be willing to have removed.

SKY and grass replacement

The real estate industry depends on many factors for it to flourish in terms of how to make a breakthrough. If you want to increase sales in the real estate industry, ensure you get out of Sky and Grass replacement services anytime.

We ensure that the customer can see how their home will appear before the purchase. Our sky replacement services make your real estate images appear beautiful. We can remove or add sky images right from dull to more attractive ones. We are exceptional when it comes to making your photos more appealing and increasing sales to a bigger margin.

Color correction

At Pixtech, we have specialized color correction services that are meant for real estate companies that prefer unique services. We boast an experienced staff with top-notch expertise that helps them to spot even the slightest problems in your photos precisely. Once we have identified the problem, we can assist you with the color correction services as well as editing your photos.

We are a trusted real estate photo color correction services provider. We offer several services, you just need to give our team your requirements and everything will be fine within a short time and at a relatively cheap price.

Flambient Real Estate Photography Editing

Another incredible Service that we offer is flambient real estate photo editing. This is indeed a technique that can help you if you want to create a pristine interior where the intersection of ambient and flash light occurs to make worlds meet.

It is good to note that you cannot achieve this real estate photo editing technique during post-processing. However, worry not because we have experts who have the utmost detail and balance. They execute this Service properly to suit your preferences within a short period.

Vacation rental photo editing

Trust us with your Vacation rental photo editing services anytime. We boast seasoned photo editing experts with a greater understanding of all the selling basics that will get your property sales high. Our team can help you enhance the perspective, contrast, and lighting as a way of making your virtual tour more interesting.

We can handle all types of photo editing challenges, thanks to our high-end image editing software and experts. They can quickly handle your booking inquiries and fix the dull photos from your holiday rentals.

Rental house photo editing

Our real estate photo editing Service includes rental photo editing services. If your rentals are not so appealing to tenants, you will realize that they avoid them at any time. At Pixtech, our team of experts can help you with all the rental house photo editing services at any time of need.

The professionals will provide you with a good-looking end product even if you have doubts about the first shots. Our Photoshop technique is advanced and the results are almost instant. We are not a burden to our customers because we provide relatively cheap services without compromising the quality of the end product

Hotel photo editing

We are also ideal when it comes to hotel photo editing services. Of course, clients will want to see a beautiful-looking hotel before they book it or pay a visit. Our team of experts is aware and possesses all the pre-visualization skills which help them to know how to light and what to light.

They also know how those pieces are used in Photoshop to provide a remarkable result. We possess the right tools of Service and the knowledge speeds up the process.

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Why you should outsource real estate photo editing

We are the most trusted real estate photo editing Service providers around. We boast an experienced staff with enough expertise to handle any real estate photo editing challenges.

Another thing that should intrigue you to outsource your real estate photo editing services to us is because of the quality of our services. Our passionate experts concentrate on the quality of the end product more than anything else. They have the requisite technique to handle different services uniquely and professionally.

We are also the best choice for your real estate photo editing services because we provide cheap labor compared to our competitors. Our services have a quick turnaround time as you have never imagined

An attractive real estate property photo can bring more customer and traffic from your website!
We have edited almost 10,0000 product images.

Our real estate photo editor edit over 10,000+ images.

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When you are ready to present your property details online, make sure that you have a well-detailed photo. This will help potential buyers to get a clear idea of what your property has to offer.

Software & Tech that we use

Our photo editor and designer are used up to day adobe software to retouch images. We have used the latest photoshop 2022 version to ensure the best output.

Our company does not use any crack software, we have a pro adobe license.

In the modern era, no one has enough time to read your property description. Customers can take decisions to see the property picture online. So if your picture is well details it helps to increase more sales.

Adobe Photoshop

We have used Photoshop 2022 version to edit  real estate images

Latest and updated software help to retouch images.

Best Support

We are available 24/7. So you will not wait anymore to receive your quote.

Experience Retoucher

Our retoucher has years of experience in professional photo retouch.

Fast Turnaround

We will offer 1 hour first turnaround for our exclusive clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

pixtech photo editing service faq

Generally our starting price is 0.49$ for real estate photo.

Most of the time we have used latest adobe photoshop, but for color correction we have used adobe Lightroom. 

From background remove to high end retouching, we have provided all types of photo editing service. 

Most of the time we accept Payoneer, Credit Card, PayPal, western union. 

Yes, we offer up to 50% discount for our exclusive customers.

It's depends on you. Because we can deliver your task within 1 hour. So if you have any emergency please contact us soon.