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I’m Shorna Sabiha


design is my passion

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 Hello, My name is Shorna Akter, I am a graphic designer. I create icons and social media posts. Which I can easily make. I also do different types of photo editing and personally I like to travel to different places which helps me create new designs.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced Photo
Retoucher & designer

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 I use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to design graphics for you. I have a lot of experience in business card, and flyer design, photo editing. Not only that, I will deliver high-quality work that will make all my clients happy. I will complete many projects with customer satisfaction.

Work Experience.

 Highly proficient in various programs including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I love editing real estate photos. Currently, I am working on learning web design for a better future.


 I completed my Diploma in Civil Engineering from Khulna Mahila Polytechnic Institute and also completed a course on Advanced Graphics Designe from a reputed institution in Bangladesh.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


photo editing

The cameraman can make the picture beautiful but cannot enhance the beauty of the picture. I work to enhance the beauty of a photo and give it a real beauty


graphics design

I try to present the art that people need according to their thoughts and needs through digital art and I try to make them happy through this art.



A designer, illustrator, and visual culture theorist, he compared illustration to a hammer. The tool is practical and serves a very intentional function. I perfect a design through images.

more about me



 I love to travel because calmness is good for traveling. I am visiting various historical places of the country. I believe travel is the perfect time for life’s most adventurous adventures. Life should be lived well, not run away from.


 I like to read all kinds of travel story books, funny story books, detective story books and all interesting books to gain knowledge on different subjects. Among the many good books I’ve read are Walls, Crossing, The Magic of Thinking Big.


 I love watching ghost movies. Because these movies are as fun as they are scary to watch and all these movies are very enjoyable to watch. Some of my favorite ghost story movies I’ve seen are The Host, Blood Quantum, and The Invisible Man.


 I always love listening to Hindi songs. Other times I listen to music depending on the mood there are times when I listen to very soft music to relax and sometimes I listen to high bass music to lift myself up.