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Nowadays, everything is online, so if you want to expand your business globally or locally you must need a solid digital marketing strategy. 

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I have 7+ years of solid experience in pure Digital Marketing ( SEO, PPC, Content Writing ). So i can provide the top-notch service


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Meet our Founder

In 2022 we have started our digital marketing service.

Since 2013 I have started to learn digital marketing and still learning because it’s a challenging field, and we need to be up to date at all times. I started my entry carrier in the digital market at a renoun Canadian company (left travel). So I want to share my years of experience with my valuable client so that they can get more customers or visitors.

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Our Expertise


Video Marketing






Content Writing



SEO is an art it is an ever changing beast. SEO engine services include WordPress CMS websites, blog posts, campaign landing pages and etc. Different types of white-hat SEO:

  • On-page SEO – This is process of changing the content n the website. This involves body copy,keywords, headers, meta titles, descriptions of meta and images.
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO – This is the variation of SEO that bases on a located area.
  • Product SEO – This is the process of building the e-commerce store products to be seen in the search engine.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the only popular PPC advertising system all over the world. The Ads helps businesses to build ads that look on Google’s search engine with other Google features. Practising PPC marketing via Google Ads is particularly valuable because, as the known search engine, Google receives large amount of traffic and hence gives the more impressions and ticks yo your ads.

Google Ads are the best bet in digital marketing because the expected recipients or customers on Google already own buyer intent based on the  search done and browsing patterns.


Bing Ads

Bing Ads is the same as Google Ads. Microsoft advertising is a pay-per-click platform that is created to allow specific people, increase congestion to the website and increase profit.

Bing Ads allows advertisers to have access to a bigger range of available customers and the ads allows marketers base on certain keywords that is a beneficiary to them. Bing Ads can be used increase the whole seen areas within the engines, and furthermore, allows to reach to more areas and specific demographic.


Content writing

This type of marketing is different because it does not deal with directly marketing products and services to customers but it works by creating and building valuable content that helps customers experience.

Most brands post blogs, images, and videos related to their business. It is what makes your business to be a brand and makes your customers love what you offer.

Content writing is required to be a long-term investment, and like SEO wants to be tasked constantly for it to produce good results.


Images SEO

When you come up with content production in your company, the public should be able to get it. Image Search Engine Optimization helps your content to be liked in the top positions of search engines. This meas, your website can be found by anyone who is searching what you offer.

To apply Image SEO, you are required to understand the keywords the people are searching and hence, content created from the idea.


Video marketing

Have you ever seen some viral videos online about marketing? Well. Most of the companies use those a the best formulae for marketing. Whether is building a team with a famous content creator, social media influencer or doing for themselves, their goal is always to their marketing share-worthy to keep  it trending.

The videos indirectly promote product service and its hopes and agendas are shared through the social media platforms. The common rules of video marketing are easy to grasp. You come up with a piece of content that is so compelling and interesting that you can share with friends and family.


Keywords research

Keyword research is the activity where you research famous search rules persons edit in search  engines like Chrome, and add them in a strategic manner in the content for it to appear more frequent on search engines.

Keyword research is an important activity in search engine optimization.

The activity of which way the keyword research for SEO include identifying a  topic for the content that is based on a group of specific keywords that you need your content to be liked.

Strategic Content

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Process of Building

Identify your business profile thought a professional digital marketing campaign

Ensure your message gets to the people who require and want what you offer to them.  Follow the article to help you understand how to create and build a business profile so that you can channel marketing efforts. The business builder will help you via the steps procedure that helps to know certain areas on market within the industry.

Before you start doing the marketing ensure you reach many audiences who are likely to buy your products and use your services. It is good to know your primary market. 

Acknowledging the market helps to understand who will be your primary customer and thus helps you to build customer relations increasing sales.

digital marketing service
A good brand helps you bring more customers

Brand value is too much important now a day. If you want to increase your brand value to the customer you must reach more audience.

We have different types of marketing services that perfect for your business

Every business owner’s marketing campaign is different. So we offer a versatile type of digital marketing service.


Pixtech in terms of digital marketing is cheap than other platforms.


Pixtech allows easiness of testing and stopping fault performing campaigns in real time.

Reach your target audience

Why you should choose pixtech

Digital marketing is efficient because it connects customers to businesses when online. Through SEO and PPC it connects customers on google. Most of business require digital marketing and choose pixtech which include:

  • Mobile Access

Most people own mobile phones which helps customers to connect with pixtech experts.

  • Expansion

Using google Shopping Ads and brand awareness campaigns enables pixtech to expand its brand and sales.