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Why you should choose Pixtech?

There are quite some good reasons why you should choose real estate photo editing in Canada. The process is essential as photographers have roles in making an image quality. The reasons you should choose real estate photo editing include:

  1. They offer their services faster than you only order for the services, get the feedback and upload photos you need for editing.
  2. They offer alternative services in the company apart from photo editing, including creating websites and other services.
  • It consumes less time that you will have time to do some other activities

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Property photo editing

With property photo editing, there are specific tools that you need to use to make the process successful. For real estate photo editing beginners, choose Pic Monkey as it contains various tools you need to use. The tools then provide features to use for the editing process. The services in property photo editing include: ensuring the property gets good light for the image to be okay, controlling the level of both darkness and light, and considering using clones to make some changes to your photo.

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Flambient real estate photography editing

Flambient real estate photography editing contains double styles of photo editing to get an image of good quality. With Flambient photography, use and flash photos provide the features needed for editing like changing the color, adding more light, etc. most places that use Flambient photography are those with darker areas or rooms. Some steps are also to follow to achieve the ambient and flash processes.


HDR photo editing

HDR photo editing is a real estate photo editing process that focuses on the shadows and highlights of photography inside the studio. HDR means High Dynamic Range photo editing. HDR works mainly when a photographer fails to capture the shadows when taking a photo. There are different types of HDR photo editing, which include: Naturally-Blended HDR, Stereotypical HDR; HDR has some advantages like maintaining good light in an image, showing needed information of an image, ensures there is a balance of shadows and light in an image.


Add or remove the object.

To remove or add objects in real estate photo editing, there are a few steps you need to follow as stated below:

  • Open the image and right-click it, then select the option of editing
  • Choose the tool you will use and the part in the object you want to add or remove.
  • Choose the clone tool after selecting the area.
  • Remove the object using the tool. In the same way as adding an object, choose the right tool for adding and adding the place you selected to the image.
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Color correction

The color correction method is real estate photo editing is a standard process that one must pass through. You can use different software with the method to change some of the following items.

  • The amount of light that gets through during the photo session that you need to ensure the image has a good light during photo editing. There is also software to use or consider adjusting the light to a reasonable level.
  • The shadows that exist as a result of maybe excess light or sometimes the photo becomes dark. The issue can be solved using real estate color correction that can change the light or darkness.
  • Adjust the brightness of a photo that causes a particular shade on an image
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Hotel photo editing

With hotel photo editing, the significant areas to edit are the social hall where most activities occur, the bedroom and wardrobes, and some other places people can rest while enjoying the vicinity. When the hotel owner has a good edit of their hotel, they can easily lure their clients by posting on any social media platform that most customers can see. With hotel photo editing, the services are: removing an object in the image, changing parts that seem to be bent, changing the exposure, and other activities that need changes after taking a picture

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Vacation rental photo editing

Vacation rentals are always for those who do not want to stay at home but get a good place to rest during holidays. Therefore, the photo editing session helps the rental to be attractive and call their clients to stay in for some time. Several activities go on inside: staging the photograph, changing the surroundings of the vacation rental, and taking photos in good weather for easier editing. The editing process is all about changing the amount of light or adjusting it to change the highlights, etc.


Rental house photo editing

If you are renting a house, you can still take pictures of it and edit them in a way that can help the house owner market it through the photos. Therefore, in this case, the rental house photo editing process is about adjusting light if you took the photo in a place with excess or less light, changing the photo’s highlights, and other activities. The good thing with such editing is that the process is faster, and the delivery of products of which the products are of good quality.

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SKY and grass replacement

Real estate sky and grass replacement is a process that helps change the look of a photo and makes it attractive. Photos of anything taken with the sky and grass create a good market for themselves since most people consider such images as properties. The activities with sky and grass replacement are: changing the outdoor look, changing the background, changing the look of the sky, changing the grass look, removing bad grass, and fixing new ones. Choose to use the method as they operate the whole day and deliver quickly.

Process of Building

Identify your vacation rentals, home a professional images

As a property owner, you want your vacation rental to stand out among the rest. Professional images can help you do just that. Real estate photo retouching can take your photos to the next level, making them look sharp and inviting.

Property photo editing can help make your vacation rental more appealing to potential guests. By increasing the contrast and brightness of your photos, you can make your property look more inviting and welcoming.

Vacation rental photo editing can also help you show off your property in its best light. By removing clutter and unnecessary objects from your photos, you can give potential guests a better idea of what your rental looks like.

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